What to wear for your session, a dress guide

What you wear for a session will affect the entire look of your photos, so it is very important to choose what you wear wisely. Here are a few tips, tricks, and suggestions that I've gathered while shooting to help you!

You should not try to match, but instead you want to coordinate!

The key is to wear outfits that are complimentary or analogous in style and color, but not identical. Try not to have every member of your group dress in one color, but instead use a color palette that compliments. Pick one color that you like, and then pick out clothing that compliment that color; so instead of everyone wearing a navy colored shirt,  you could have everyone in your group dress in varying colors of white, grey, and blue.  Below are some sample color palettes that you can check out, you can also go here to see popular color palettes as well as create your own for reference.


Some examples of complimentary colors palettes:

Some examples of complimentary colors palettes:

Texture is ideal; it brings depth, contrast and detail to your photos. Using different textured and patterned fabrics, such as lace, tweed, and wool, really adds to a photo. The easiest way to incorporate layers to your outfits are by adding a jacket, cardigan, boot-socks, sweaters, tights or a combination of these! Mixing and matching with different textured fabrics, patterns, and layers can be very fun and bring a sophistication to your portrait. 

Go for Timeless

We’ve all been there - looking back on our childhood photos and giggling at the collared frilly dress our mother made us wear to Christmas dinner, or when we insisted on wearing a bright purple and yellow track jacket to take a photo with our grandmother back in the 90s. It’s great to look back fondly and be able to pinpoint the moment a picture was taken by the clothing trends at the time, but when it comes to professional portraits it’s best to er on the side of caution when choosing pieces that you may not like in the future. One of the best ways to make sure you have photos that you are excited to share and show off for many years to come is to stay away from obvious trends or potentially outdated looks.

Accessories are often forgotten when planning your outfit, and can really enhance the aesthetic of your photos, but don't over do it. Remember to have your accessories match your look and theme without becoming distracting.

If you decide to get a hair cut before your photos, try to do so at least 2 weeks before your session, so it has time to grow and even out.

Shoes! Shoes are a detail that many people overlook, but they are a very important part of your outfit. The shoes you pick matter. Try not to wear tennis shoes. Wearing flats, oxfords, boots, or any other style can really switch it up and maximize the amount of detail to your photo.

Here are a few things you should try to avoid when choosing your outfits, because they can be distracting & unflattering.

Try to stay away from clothing with very noticeable brand tags, graphics, sneakers, clothing with large images or overbearing patterns. Avoid bright orange, red, or green shirts or dresses; they reflect their color onto skin and faces.

Pregnancy and Maternity

You want to wear something that compliments your body shape and also shows off your baby bump! Maxi dresses look absolutely amazing in maternity shots, they're comfortable, and they give off a very "flowy," elegant look that is flattering on people of all shapes and sizes. If you wear leggings or tights make sure to have a bit of contrast between your dress and leggings (don't wear a black dress with black tights, or a white dress with white leggings). If you would like bare belly photos, bring either a shirt that opens in the front or an attractive bandeaux/bra (unless you would like nude/implied nude photos, but please let me know ahead of time.)

Remember the most important aspect of your photos is that they represent YOU as a person, so dress to your own style. If you need any help I am available to assist at anytime so just contact me! Or you can check out my Pinterest board where I pin some inspirational photos that can help give you some ideas!