What to expect - booking an Engagement Session

Booking an engagement session before your wedding can be very beneficial in multiple ways! Couples who have the opportunity to work with their photographer before the wedding day are less nervous and feel more comfortable in front of the camera. An engagement session is a wonderful opportunity to see how well you work with your photographer, and to gain confidence in your own image. Plus, you get lots of beautiful photos to use for save-the-date cards and invitations!


Over time I have discovered the best engagement sessions are the ones with a dynamic variety of elegance and romance. In order to provide a good variety of images for you to use, I like to encourage clients to choose two outfits and two locations!

  1. Outfits: I recommend picking out 1 dressy outfit, and 1 casual. If you are needing a bit of extra help choosing what to wear, check out my Outfit Guide for more information. The main tip I have to offer clients is to coordinate outfits instead of match (see the outfit guide for more information). Try to stay away from clothing with lots of branding, tiny patterns, or solid florescent colors. Remember that details such as jewelry, shoe choice, and accessories can really add to an image. Wear something that you feel comfortable and beautiful in!
  2. Locations: Since we will be photographing two outfits, it’s only fair that we choose two locations to pair them with! Are you familiar with Iowa City and the surrounding areas? I am here to help you choose locations that will not only photograph well, but compliment your style and relationship. 
  3. Time: The best time to photograph outdoor portraits is usually 2 hours after sunrise or 2 hours before sunset- also known as the golden hour! In Iowa this tends to be between 4:30pm-7:00pm depending on the season.


  • Practice in front of a mirror!
  • Watch a funny movie, or listen to something that puts you in a good mood beforehand.
  • Eat a snack or light meal! Engagement sessions can last up to 2 hours; while low blood sugar and hunger can make people grouchy, uncomfortable and tired.
  • Bring along upbeat music that you enjoy listening to!
  • Relax - Nobody expects you to be a pro, and most of the couples I photograph are not professional models. The key is to trust your photographer. You’re going to do amazing!


  • Please only bring along yourself, and your fiancé. Extra people can be distracting and may actually make you more nervous! 

  • You can lock your purse, cell phones, and wallets in the trunk of your car. I can carry around small items for you like car keys and lip gloss in my bag. I want your hands to be free during the session. Don’t forget to remove any hats, sunglasses or jewelry you do not want featured in your photos.

  • Go to the restroom right before you leave. Many places that we will go will not have restrooms nearby. If you will need a bathroom to change clothing, please let me know so I can plan ahead!

Have fun! I'll take care of making you look fantastic, so don't worry about a thing. I realize most people are not used to being in front of a camera, so I will be there giving you plenty of direction. Remember that you don't have to sit like a stone statue or grin into the camera lens all the time. Do whatever feels most natural to you, I want you to look and be comfortable! You bring the romance and love, and I’ll handle the rest!


  1. Editing and processing of your images may take anywhere from 2-3 weeks, when your images are ready to be downloaded you will receive an email directly from your online gallery and a confirmation email letting you know they are finished!
  2. From your gallery you will be able to order prints, download or purchase digital images and instantly share your session with family and friends via social networking & email.
  3. As soon as I finish editing your images I will load them up to your flash drive, and mail your package via USPS.


In order to help you have the best engagement shoot possible, I have a bit of homework for you and your fiancé before your session! 

  • Think about your location choices. I will be contacting you within 1 week of your session to decide on our final location. Are you wanting an urban feel? Nature? Something that centers around something you love to do together? Do you want to include a pet?
  • I have lots of “go to” locations around Iowa City, and am always up to discover new areas to photograph! A few example locations to consider:

Iowa City: Upper/Lower City Park, Downtown/Pedestrian Mall, Downtown/Alleyways, Chauncey Swan Park, University of Iowa Campus, Hickory Hill Park, MacBride Lake, Palisades-Kepler State Park, Coralville Dam

  • Discuss what you’d like out of your engagement session - are there any concerns you may have? Any limitations or engagement photography styles you like or dislike?

Once you have discussed your location options with your fiance, please fill out my quick questionnaire below (only three questions!)

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Remember, we can choose up to two different locations for your session!