So, I'm kind of a weirdo. I like to belt the lyrics to embarrassingly nostalgic songs, sing-talk to my two dogs about my day and often have a TV show quote on hand for every situation. Although sometimes it feels like I live, eat and breathe photography - on my off days I spend time with my husband and prefer to be outside. We hike, plan our next travel adventure or patronize some of our favorite Iowa City shops. Have I mentioned how much I love Iowa City? The community, locals and inclusivity have made this city our home since 2010.


We absolutely love to travel and experience new things - each summer we set a goal to try as many new activities as possible and to hike one new location. From Joshua Tree to Olympic National Park I am all about the West Coast and America's countryside. My love for travel and photography intersect constantly. It's so exciting to find new locations to photograph, new people, new techniques, scenery I've never seen and lifestyles I've never been exposed to. Photography isn't just about making people feel good about themselves and capturing a moment, it's about connecting with my community and opening up to other human beings.

As a photographer who started by taking an introduction to darkroom class in school, I believe in prints and the rich smooth colors that classic film provides. I love sharing my work online but there is a feeling just completely unmatched when you feel the texture of a print in your hands and are able to fully take in it's color and details. For that reason I try to incorporate prints with every photo session.

If you would like to learn more, check out my blog! You may also use the links at the bottom of this page to visit my Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook. I look forward to hearing about your ideas and can't wait to chat!